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AI Video Maker For High Performance Content Marketing

Produce 2-5 minute long videos for your brand, product, services or anything you want.

  • Multi-Purpose Videos

    Produce videos for multiple contexts.

  • Image/Video Backgrounds

    Use our integrated stock library or upload your own

  • AI Video Scripting

    Our AI Video Ads Maker produces the video script for you.

  • Add Background Music

    Our integrated royalty-free background tracks  add extra bounce to your video ads

  • Auto-post to Social Media

    One Click sharing to social media or post it on a schedule.

More marketers credited video with increasing dwell time, traffic, leads, sales, and reduced support queries than in ANY of our annual surveys since 2015

– WyzOwl’s 2023 Video Marketng Report


faster growth for marketers who use video content than those who don't.

Source: WordStream


click-through rate from video thumbnails that appear in over 25% of search results

Source: Milestone


of the respondents reported using video to make a purchase decision.

Source: Lemonlight

Video Content is 4x More Effective Than Any Other Content Format

Marketers universally acknowledge that video trumps text in terms of conversion power, captivating audiences more effectively and driving engagement at unprecedented levels. 

However, the consistent production of such content poses a significant challenge. The reality is that crafting compelling video content demands more than just creativity; it requires a blend of technical skills, time, and resources that many marketers struggle to muster.

Technical Complexity

Unlike text-based content, videos necessitate a certain level of proficiency in editing and production software. This complexity often intimidates those without a background in video production, creating a steep learning curve. 

Fresh Ideas Hard To Come by

Developing new and unique ideas for video marketing regularly is a daunting task that demands creative prowess and market insights, often leading to creative blockages that hinder the frequency of marketing video production.

It’s Expensive

Professional video production involves expenses like hiring videographers, editors, actors, and procuring equipment, which can quickly escalate, particularly for small businesses or startups.

This high cost can make regular video content production an unsustainable marketing strategy for many, despite its known effectiveness in audience engagement and conversion.

The Media Monk Advantage

Media Monk’s platform, revolutionises the way video content is created, democratising access to high-quality video production. By harnessing AI technology, Media Monk simplifies the video creation process, allowing marketers to produce professional-standard videos without the need for extensive technical skills, at the same time cutting down the cost of video production dramatically. 

  • NAI Simplifies Creation
  • NProfessional Standard Videos
  • NStreamlined Ideation Tools
  • NCost-Effective Production

Ad Scripting:
Hours to Seconds with AI-Powered

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Media Monk’s AI-script writing feature is a revolutionary leap in content creation. Traditionally, scripting demanded hours of brainstorming, meticulous crafting, and endless revisions to strike the right chord with an audience.

Now, with Media Monk’s advanced algorithms, brands receive tailor-made scripts that resonate deeply, capturing their essence and speaking directly to their target audience. This innovation not only saves invaluable time but also ensures precision, relevance, and engagement in every line, setting a new gold standard in content marketing.

At its heart, AI Video Maker’s powerful scriptwriting engine dives deep into understanding your brand, churning out narratives that are tailor-made, audience-centric, and guaranteed to engage.

Gone are the days of laborious script revisions; Media Monk ensures precision with every line, capturing your brand’s essence in ways previously unimagined.But the magic doesn’t stop there. Click on the + icon for more.

Cost Saved: $700 – $3,000* per video

A Clinical Approach To Scriptwriting

Everything in Media Monk is driven by the audience targeting and brand preferences defined during the initial setup. With your brand’s core voice, target audience and preferences as a foundational pillar, our AI Video Maker then creates the script for your video using pre-defined contexts and objectives. These contexts assist the AI Video Maker in ensuring the generative AI model used, produces a compelling script for maximum impact and performance. 

Driven by Context

Our AI Video Maker comes with several pre-defined contexts to speed up video production. Refer to the list of available contexts below for more.

Focused on the Objective

For each video produced by the AI Video Maker, you can specify an objective, ensuring the script is generated accordingly.

Pre-Defined Call To Action

We’ve already provided the most commonly used CTAs for videos to save you even more time and boost efficiency.

Brand Specific Video Script

Like everything else in Media Monk, your video script is tailored to your brand, its voice and target audience profile. Keywords assist in narrowing the focus even further.

Available Contexts

Media Monk’s AI engine, which is trained specifically on your brand’s voice, subject and target audience uses context to craft a video script that is compelling for your target audience. Context causes the resulting script to answer the “WHAT” about your video. 

  • A Product You Sell
  • A Service You Offer
  • A Feature of A Product or Service
  • An Upcoming Event
  • An Invitation
  • A Sales Offer
  • A Cause or a Purpose
  • General Context for Your Brand

Available Objectives

Objectives in our AI Video Maker, signal the AI to understand the reason someone would want whatever your context is. With a clear objective, the AI engine crafts the “WHY” of the video. 

  • Generate More Leads
  • Generate an Online Sale
  • Generate Online Action (e.g. Sign up)
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Increase Social Engagement

Available CTA Presets

Call to Action (CTA) is an essential part of any marketing communication. With the presets already available inside the AI Video Maker, selecting the relevant option provides the “HOW” for your audience in terms of availing whatever context the video is offering. 

  • Phone Call
  • Learn More (website traffic)
  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Like / Subscribe / Share

Harmonise Soundtracks Tailored for Your Video.

Choose from over 10,000 royalty-free tracks across 100s of genres integrated into our AI Video Maker to add an extra flair of professionalism and bounce to your videos. Adding a background track to your video is a matter of a single click.

What’s better: Media Monk’s AI Algorithm automatically suggests tracks based on the content of your video generated by the AI Video Maker, saving you extra time and boosting productivity.

Cost Saved: Between $99 to $500 per video*

Sonic Brilliance: AI-Voiceovers That Breathe Life Into Your Video Ads.

Traditional voiceover processes often involve lengthy auditions, high costs, and scheduling challenges, making it a cumbersome affair for many businesses.

Media Monk’s AI Video Maker offers a spectrum of ultra-realistic voices, spanning various accents and tonalities, ready to elevate your videos. No more waiting, no more exorbitant costs; just select, preview, and deploy.

Cost Saved: At least $300 per video ad*

Sample Our AI-Voices

Media Monk has partnered with industry pioneers in the field of Text-To-Speech, bringing ultra-realistic voices powered by advanced AI.

View More in the Gallery

A Clinical Approach To Producing Videos Using Media Monk's Simple, Yet Powerful AI Video Maker

Every marketer understands the value of videos in today’s content marketing landscape. However, producing videos at scale is a challenge only those with umpteen resources are able to overcome. With Media Monk’s standardised approach to quick, easy and scalable production, every marketer can now reap the benefits of video marketing.

Say Goodbye to Timeline Editing

For many small business owners, mastering the intricacies of timeline-based video editing is a daunting task, often limited by skill constraints and time pressures.

Recognizing this challenge, Media Monk has revolutionized the process of creating videos, emphasizing scalability and efficiency. By simplifying the video production process, our AI Video Maker enables even those with minimal technical expertise to produce professional-grade video content.

This approach not only removes the steep learning curve associated with traditional video editing but also empowers businesses to rapidly scale their marketing efforts.

With Media Monk, small business owners can efficiently produce high-quality videos, ensuring their marketing strategies remain agile and impactful in a fast-paced digital landscape.

screen text

Split-Scenes View

Once the script for your video ad is generated, each scene is split into sections containing the screen text and the VoiceOver text for quick and efficient compilation. 

Adjust scene content, synthesise voiceovers with one click and enjoy the pleasures of ‘zero timeline editing’ – something many small business marketers loathe given its complexity and learning curve. 

Saved assets

Integrated Stock Libraries

Adding video and image backgrounds for videos often takes time involving scouring through royalty-free websites, in search of the best background for your video ad. With Media Monk, those days are gone. With our integrated image and video stock libraries, you can either search and insert backgrounds on the fly or get them from your saved assets within Media Monk’s platform. 

Adding call to action CTA in video ads

Add Call-To-Action (CTA) With Ease

When you produce videos using Media Monk’s AI Video Makeer, each video carries a CTA section where you can specify the action you want viewers to take at the end of the video. This alone can take time, lining it up accurately with the Voiceover perfectly.  With Media Monk, all this is done automatically. Just provide the text for the CTA (e.g. Buy Now or Call us on 1800-89-90-91) and we’ll sync it up with the end of the video. 

Review ad settings

Review & Execute

Before production, you can preview each scene’s voiceover and screen text with the ability to change every aspect of the video. Once you start the production, everything is stitched together in the background without you ever touching a timeline editor. Producing videos our AI Video Maker is super easy and once the production is completed, you are taken to the Mixing section. 

Mixing video ads with background music

Add Background Music to Videos

Choose from more than 10,000 royalty-free background tracks across hundreds of genres to enhance video ads with a punchy soundtrack. With a mixing service like this, not only do you save costs on music licenses, but you also save a significant amount of time syncing the background track with the video – something you would do in a timeline editor. Not anymore. Simply pick the track you like, hit ‘Render’ and its done for you.  


Give it a Try!

Watch our interactive demo to see how you can produce captivating, brand-focused and genre-specific video ads that garner engagement across search and social media platforms.

From Video Ads To PERFECT Social Media Postcards.

In today’s digital age, maximizing your content’s reach and lifecycle is paramount. One of the most effective and creative ways to achieve this is through the use of postcards.

Integrating postcards into your content strategy is straightforward with Media Monk. With just a few clicks, you can turn your video ads into captivating postcards.

AI Video Maker To Social Media: Easy!

Elevate your social media strategy with Media Monk’s streamlined posting feature. Whether you want to share your freshly crafted video immediately or prefer to set it on an optimized schedule, our platform’s Social Media Automation has got you covered. Say goodbye to manual uploads and time-consuming scheduling; with a few clicks, video from our AI Video Makrer finds its perfect slot in your audience’s feed, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Video Guide AI Video Maker

Take your marketing game to the next level with Media Monk’s Brand Context Videos. Here’s a quick video guide demonstrating the step by step process.

*Video Production Costs Report


Media Monk is such an incredible tool that you really have to experience it to believe everything we say it can do for you. Sign Up for a 7-Day Free Trial and unleash content marketing dominance like never before.

Questions? Answers.

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