Real Estate Video Marketing, Powered by Advanced AI

Staying Ahead In The Bustling Real Estate Market Demands Innovation And Efficiency. Elevate Every Property  Listing: Instant Real Estate Videos, Infinite IMPACT!

  • URL To Real Estate Videos

    Copy/Paste property listing URL to convert it into a property showcase video.

  • AI Powered Property Highlights

    AI generates key highlights for your property. 

  • Property Points of Interest Data

    Incorporate ‘Points of Interest’ data in your real estate marketing video.

  • Agent Contact Cards

    Create an include Agent Contact Cards in every real estate marketing video.

If video is standing between you and your competition from getting a listing, this should motivate you to start, like, immediately.

– Keeping Current Matters


increase in revenue reported by Realtors who use video

Source: WordStream


increase in traffic to listings after a video was published


more inquiries are driven from listings with video

So why aren’t more realtors taking the leap into video marketing?

Real Estate video marketing is unique and quite different from other forms of video marketing. For one, the core product (a property) has several associated data points that matter to a buyer/seller and each video needs to be produced with that in mind. It’s not easy.

However, after scouring through dozens of realtor surveys, we’ve discovered the top 3 reasons why approximately 61% of realtors (worldwide) aren’t utilising real estate video marketing to its full potential. 


Top 3 Reasons

  • Real Estate Video Marketing ROI unclear
  • Too Hard. No Time. Can't be bothered.
  • Lack of Skills & Resources

The Media Monk Advantage

Media Monk’s platform revolutionises real estate video marketing by leveraging AI and deep knowledge of the real estate industry’s unique video marketing needs. We realise you’re short on time and sitting down in front of a video editor is the last thing on your mind. You’ve already done the hard work bringing in the listing, let us help you leverage the work already done to produce videos fast and at scale.

Not only that, with Media Monk, you can also release your next biggest bottleneck – social media promotion. Keep reading to see how. 

  • NAI Does the Heavy-lifting
  • NLeverage Property Listing Data
  • NBeat the Competition
  • NClose More Deals

Revolutionizing Real Estate Video Marketing One-Click Video Transformations!

Media Monk presents a revolutionary solution that takes your property listings from static pages to dynamic, engaging videos in mere moments.

Imagine the transformative power of converting every detail of a listing – from its headline, price, attributes, to its vivid images – into a visually stunning video. No more sifting through monotonous property descriptions; with Media Monk, your listings become immersive experiences that captivate buyers from the first frame.

In a marketplace saturated with identical listings, Media Monk empowers real estate agents to not only differentiate themselves but to also redefine the way properties are showcased.

And the best part? With our seamless integration with popular real estate websites, turning your listing into a video masterpiece requires nothing more than a simple URL copy-paste. Transformative marketing, with no thinking required.

Copy/Paste Your Property Listing URL From Any of These Websites

Automatic Listing Data Extraction

Save time and pull property listing data directly from the listing URL. Media Monk’s technology pulls whatever is available in the listing and if there are no property highlights discovered, then our AI engine writes them for you based on the property’s description. This is a revolutionary approach to real estate video marketing. 

Not Just Images and Words We've unleashed the full power of AI.

Harnessing the might of AI, we dive deeper into each property’s essence, designing key highlights from descriptions and fetching ‘points of interest’ based on the property’s location.

AI Powered Property Highlights for Real Estate Video Marketing

Key Highlights with AI Enhancement:

At Media Monk, we understand that every property has a unique story, and our “Key Highlights” feature ensures it’s told right. When you provide a property listing URL, our system diligently scans for standout features to spotlight in the video. But here’s the magic: if your listing doesn’t specify any highlights, fret not! Our advanced AI engine steps in, intelligently analyzing the data to automatically generate captivating highlights.

Points of Interest Data for Real Estate Video Marketing

Points of Interest – The Local Perspective:

Media Monk’s “Points of Interest” feature ensures potential buyers or renters don’t just see a property – they experience its surroundings. Leveraging the power of Google’s mapping algorithms, our system pinpoints essential locales within close proximity, from entertainment hotspots and popular destinations to educational institutions and medical facilities. This is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about lifestyle and convenience.

Harmonise Soundtracks Tailored for Your Video.

Choose from over 10,000 royalty-free tracks across 100s of genres integrated into our Real Estate Video Marketing tool to add an extra flair of professionalism and bounce to your videos. Adding a background track to your video is a matter of a single click.

What’s better: Media Monk’s AI Algorithm automatically suggests tracks based on the content of your real estate marketing video, saving you extra time and boosting productivity.

Cost Saved: Between $99 to $500 per video*

Give it a Try!

Watch our interactive demo to see how you can produce captivating, brand-focused and genre-specific Real Estate maketing videos that garner engagement across search and social media platforms.

From Real Estate Videos To PERFECT Social Media Postcards.

In today’s digital age, maximizing your content’s reach and lifecycle is paramount. One of the most effective and creative ways to achieve this is through the use of postcards.

Integrating postcards into your content strategy is straightforward with Media Monk. With just a few clicks, you can turn your real estate marketing videos into captivating postcards.

Real Estate Videos To Social Media: Easy!

Elevate your social media strategy with Media Monk’s streamlined posting feature. Whether you want to share your freshly crafted video immediately or prefer to set it on an optimized schedule, our platform’s Social Media Automation has got you covered. Say goodbye to manual uploads and time-consuming scheduling; with a few clicks, video from our AI Video Makrer finds its perfect slot in your audience’s feed, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Real Estate Video Marketing Samples

Note: These videos are for demonstration and illustration purposes only. Any resemblance to a real listing is merely coincidental, indemnifying Media Monk from any copyright infringement in accordance with out data extraction policy. 

Real Estate Industry Specific Solution

Unlike other, fragmented AI marketing tools offering a generic solution for real estate video marketing, we carry an in-depth understanding of the property world. Checkout all the benefits of video marketing and content marketing for Real Estate using Media Monk. 

Producing Video Ads For Real Estate

Besides turning your property listings into videos, Media Monk offers additional tools for real estate video marketing that are second to none. Dive into our AI Video Ads maker to explore the benefits of producing engaging, short-form video ads for your real estate business. 

Brand Videos or Real Estate Services Videos

Whether you’re a property manager, a property investment coach, or a real estate agent, Media Monk’s AI Video Maker provides exceptional advantages for the real estate industry in terms of video and content marketing tools to beat the competition. 

Schedule a Demo

The real estate industry is unique with significant opportunities for growth using video marketing and content marketing strategies that remain untapped by the majority of realtors around the world. 

Media Monk offers a powerful, AI-driven content marketing platform with features designed specifically for the real estate industry. 

Book your personalised demo today and let us show you everything that’s possible to achieve with our real estate video marketing and other content marketing features. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to see things in action with quantifiable results. 

Video Guide Real Estate Video Marketing

Unleashing the potential of your real estate listings through video has never been this straightforward. Watch our video guide to see how to turn regular property listings into stunning videos.

*Video Production Costs Report


Media Monk is such an incredible tool that you really have to experience it to believe everything we say it can do for you. Sign Up for a 7-Day Free Trial and unleash content marketing dominance like never before.

Questions? Answers.

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