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Data Extraction Policy

Updated: 5/8/2023

Data Extraction Policy for “Listings to Video” Feature:

1. Granting Rights for Data Extraction:

By utilizing Media Monk’s “listings to video” feature, you—the real estate agent—confirm that you have granted us all necessary rights and permissions required under the prevailing copyright laws of the jurisdiction of the third party website.

This ensures that we legally extract and use your listing data. It is crucial that you ensure these rights are in place, as it provides the legal foundation for Media Monk to access and transform this data into video content.

2. Authority Over Listings:

It’s imperative that you use URLs for listings that exclusively belong to you or where you have the official capacity to act as an agent on behalf of the property owner.

This is a safeguard to prevent any misuse of our tool and to ensure that all extracted content is within the bounds of your authority. Any deviation from this could result in unauthorized data access and potential legal implications.

3. Indemnification for Third Party Claims:

By granting us permission to fetch your listing from a third party site, you are taking the responsibility to shield Media Monk from any potential liability, be it contractual, tortious, or otherwise.

If a third party site ever claims a breach of confidentiality, unauthorized data access, or any related concerns, you affirm that Media Monk will not be held responsible for those claims.

4. Responsibility for Listing Authority:

You hold the responsibility to retain your authority over the listings you extract through our platform.

If there arises any dispute or liability as a result of Media Monk accessing or using the data associated with your listing, you pledge to shield Media Monk from any consequences. This ensures that our platform remains a tool, while users retain responsibility for their content.

5. Granting Rights for Content Utilization:

By extracting data through our service, you are also providing Media Monk with all essential rights governed by copyright laws to use the listing’s images, data, content, and any other pertinent elements.

This is crucial as it allows us to transform the listing data into engaging video content. It’s a testament to the partnership between Media Monk and its users, allowing us to create the best content possible from your listings.

Your understanding and adherence to this policy ensure a seamless experience for all parties involved and the creation of high-quality video content that remains compliant with all pertinent regulations.

Current List of Supported Websites

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