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Listicles, a blend of ‘lists’ and ‘articles,’ are the dynamic content formats that have taken the digital world by storm. More than just a mere list, they weave together bite-sized pieces of information with a captivating narrative, making complex topics digestible and mundane ones delightful.

  • Industry-focused Listicles
  • Search Intent Listicles
  • Content Marketing Boosters
  • Auto Keyword Injections

Lists get 80% more traffic than other types of articles. 

The interest in listicles is based on the three key features that, according to The New Yorker, make them so captivating for our brains:

  • Such headlines stand out in a stream of content as they usually contain numbers.
  • The subject is placed within a category or classification system.
  • The information looks trustworthy and well organized.

Together, these factors cater to our data-hungry minds in a way that is reliable and easy to digest.

Listicles Are the Cornerstone of Modern Content Marketing Strategies.


More Traffic Than Any Other Content Format

Listicle Performance Stats


Artificial Intelligence Combined With Visual Storytelling.

  • Increase Engagement

    Listicles attract more readers and keep them engagaged.

  • Increase Shareability

    Listicles are more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

  • Increase Authority

    Listicles position your brand as an expert in your niche. 

  • Get SEO Boost

    Listicles can rank higher on search engines.

  • Listicles are Versatile

    Listicles are a versatile tool in your content arsenal.

Media Monk elevates the listicle game by combining the prowess of artificial intelligence with the allure of visual storytelling. When you produce a listicle with Media Monk’s AI Listicle Builder, it isn’t just about the precisely penned content, it’s also about the accompanying gallery of meticulously curated images.

These images, handpicked to align with the content, breathe life into the listicles, ensuring every piece doesn’t just inform, but truly resonates with the reader. The presence of relevant and compelling imagery amplifies the impact, driving higher engagement rates and making each listicle a visual treat.

Yet, the brilliance doesn’t stop at curation. Recognizing the unique branding needs and personal touches businesses often seek, Media Monk offers users the flexibility to further enhance these galleries by uploading their own images. This means, while you have a base of AI-curated visuals ready to use, you’re never confined to them.

You have the freedom to infuse personal flair or brand-specific visuals to make each listicle bespoke. It’s not just about smart content creation; it’s about empowering users to marry their unique vision with state-of-the-art AI capabilities, resulting in truly unparalleled content experiences.

Producing Listicles with Media Monk

With our clinical approach to content marketing, producing listicles is so easy, a pre-schooler can do it. 

AI Listicle Builder initial step

Provide Initial Instructions

In line with the AGREE Method, the first step in using Media Monk’s AI Listicle builder is to provide sorovide basic instructions about the number of listicle ideas and items you wish to generate.

Choose up to 3 listicle ideas, saving the rest for later and hit the ‘Produce Listicle’ button. Media Monk then generates listicles in a couple of minutes.

AI Listicle Builder Step 2

Listicle Ideas Generated

With the listicles generated, you then have the ability to review and adjust the listicle content according to your preferences. Keep the images we’ve sourced from the integrated stock image libraries or upload your own. 

Each listicle also comes with an intro text, a conclusion as well as a brand-plug at the end of the listicle for that extra brand highlight.

Step 3 - AI Listicle Builder

Review Listicle. Edit & Adjust.

Once the listicle is ready, you can edit and adjust every aspect of the listicle. Keep the images we’ve generated or upload your own. When you’re ready, hit ‘Finalise Listicle’ to move to production. 

Step 4 - AI Listicle Builder

Finalise the Listicle

Once you’ve completed the review, the listicle is finalised. Use the action panel to mark the listicle as ‘evergreen’ ensuring the listicle will get shared regularly over time, ensuring this timeless content asset remains in front of your audiences forever. 

You can also toggle auto-sharing on/off and change the canonical URL of the listicle’s public link to ensure compliance with SEO best practices. 

Step 5- Ai Listicle Builder

Explore Other Possibilities

With the listicle now finalised, you can take it many steps further. Click on any of the postcard icons to generate high-impact social media postcards or re-shape the listicle into a video listicle. 

You can also choose to share the listicle across all your connected social media platforms on an ad-hoc basis or let Media Monk push it out as per your set schedule. 

Give it a Try!

Watch our interactive demo to see how you can produce captivating, brand-focused and genre-specific listicles that garner engagement across search and social media platforms. 

A Few Examples

Their visually engaging format, coupled with concise information delivery, caters perfectly to our modern, fast-paced digital consumption habits.

The magic of listicles lies in their versatility and immense shareability. They’re a content marketer’s dream, easily adapted across various industries, catering to diverse audience preferences, and apt for any platform – be it a blog, magazine, or social feed.

Their format encourages readers to stay engaged, making it more likely for them to interact, share, and remember the content. In an era where attention spans are shrinking and competition for digital space is fierce, leveraging listicles can be the game-changer in your content marketing strategy.

From Listicles To PERFECT Social Media Postcards.

In today’s digital age, maximizing your content’s reach and lifecycle is paramount. One of the most effective and creative ways to achieve this is through the use of postcards.

Integrating postcards into your content strategy is straightforward with Media Monk. With just a few clicks, you can turn your listicles into captivating postcards.

Listicle To Video in Seconds.

Effortless Video Creation

Media Monk takes content creation to the next level by seamlessly converting listicles into visually striking videos. Once a listicle is fed into our system, the content is intelligently split into distinct scenes, ensuring that each segment of your narrative is given its due visual representation.

This innovative approach ensures that the core essence of your content remains intact while being translated to a different medium.

Ultra-Realistic AI Voiceovers

No longer worry about sourcing or hiring professional voiceover artists. With Media Monk, users get access to ultra-realistic AI voices in multiple accents and languages, that bring the written word to life. All it takes is a simple point and click, eliminating complex editing or recording sessions.

Choose from our ultra-realistic AI voices now supporting 31 different accents and languages. Sample more voices in our gallery

Video Guide Producing Listicles.

Explore the full potential of listicles, how easy they are to produce with Media Monk and how listicles are a real game changer for small businesses.


Media Monk is such an incredible tool that you really have to experience it to believe everything we say it can do for you. Sign Up for a 7-Day Free Trial and unleash content marketing dominance like never before.

Questions? Answers.

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