Watch Interactive Demos of our Content Creation Tools

Being the most comprehensive content marketing platform out there, Media Monk offers a number of ways to elevate your content marketing efforts in the age of AI. Turn on the speakers, engage with the interactive demos and experience the power of Media Monk for yourself.

Setting up Your Brand

Everything inn Media Monk stems off the brand setup. In this step, you begin training the AI engine about your brand, your core voice and the products/services you offer. 

Producing Articles

Articles lie at the heart of a strong content marketing strategy. Take a look at how easy it is to use MEdia Monk to produce many different types of articles with exceptional quality, uniqueness and brand-relevance.

Producing Listicles

Humans love lists and machines do a darn good job of producing listicles. Listicles are great for engagement, especially if written with the right intent (think SEO) as its foundation. Checkout the ease and simplicity with which you can produce superb listicles with Media Monk.

Producing Video Ads

Short video ads are known to boost engagement as well as conversion rates online. With Media Monk, producing enchanting video ads is such a breeze! See for yourself…

Video Stories

Video stories are longer form videos that go on for up to 5 minutes in duration. These videos are reat for product or service showcases as well as for producing general business videos with various contexts and objectives. Check it out. It’s realy easy and the best thing is that you will not be touching the video editor even once.

Social Media Postcards

Social media postcards are your graphical brand ambassadors online. With the potential of going viral, these postcards can add an extra touch of colour to your social media feed.

Media Monk Does That:

Everything in Media Monk is personalised to your brand. Our AI models are trained on your brand in order to ensure every piece of content produced is specific to your brand's voice and tailored for your target audience.
  • NTailored to Your Brand
  • NBrand Elevator Pitch
  • NAI Audience Targeting
  • NBrand Headlines
  • NBrand Description
  • NCustom Fonts
  • NBrand Colors

Content Marketing

  • NProduce AI-powered Articles & Blog Posts
  • NProduce SEO-Focused Content
  • NProduce Produce Listicles
  • NProduce YouTube Shorts
  • NProduce Instagram Reels
  • NProduce Video Ads
  • NProduce Video Stories
  • NCreate Real Estate Property Listing Videos
  • NCreate Social Media Postcards

E-Commerce Content Marketing

  • NAuto-enhance Product Descriptions with AI
  • NCreate Product Postcards with BUY NOW Links
  • NCreate Product Slideshow Videos
  • NCreate Benefits-Focused Articles for Products
  • NCreate Industry-Focused Listicles for SEO
  • NCreate Social Media Promotins for Products

Social Media Automation

  • NPost any content on-demand
  • NPost content on a schedule automatically
  • NPost Articles & Listicles to Wordpress Blog
  • NPost Articles & Listicles to Medium
  • NPost Articles & Listicles on Tumblr & Reddit
  • NPost Articles, Listicles to Social Media Platforms
  • NPost Postcards to Social Media Platforms
  • NPost Videos to Social Media Platforms
  • NPost Reels & YouTube Shorts
  • NPost Stories on Instagram
  • NPost Real Estate Videos on YouTube
  • NPost E-Commerce Offers on Social Media
  • NPost E-Commerce Videos on Social Media
  • NPost Service Promotions on Social Media
  • NPost Upcoming Events on Social Media

SEO-Specific Features

  • NManage Keywords & Landing Pages
  • NView Keyword Insights
  • NIdentify Long-tail Keywords
  • NDiscover Competitor Keywords
  • NTrack Search Engine Ranking for Keywords
  • NDiscover Keyword Difficulty for Ranking
  • NAutomatic Backlink Building
  • NAutomatic Link Tracking

Other Features

  • NFree Royalty-Free Stock Images
  • NFree Royalty-Free Stock Videos
  • NFree Royalty-Free Stock Background Music
  • NSupport for 31 accents and languages


Media Monk is such an incredible tool that you really have to experience it to believe everything we say it can do for you. Sign Up for a 7-Day Free Trial and unleash content marketing dominance like never before.