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Webinar Automation with AI

Webinar Automation with AI

Transform your sales strategy with’s Webinars extension, seamlessly integrated with our AI Marketing Assistant. Host evergreen and just-in-time webinars to automate sales around the clock, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

  • 24/7 Selling
  • AI Powered Webinar Landing Pages
  • Shoot Once Stream Forever
  • Integrated with the Marketing Assistant

Webinar Automation That Enables 24/7 Selling on Autopilot

Experience the future of webinars with’s Webinars extension, designed to automate your sales process effortlessly. Our platform offers AI-powered webinar landing pages and intelligent attendee simulations to optimize engagement. With smart time-slotting, you can ensure that your webinars are always available at the right time for your audience, maximizing participation and conversion rates.

Integrated seamlessly with’s AI Marketing Assistant, our Webinars extension takes care of everything from automated email sequences to real-time conversion tracking. Whether you’re hosting evergreen webinars or just-in-time sessions, provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that enhances your sales and marketing strategy around the clock.

Webinar managed by AI Marketing Assistant

24/7 Selling Has Never Been This Easy!

A comprehensive webinar automation solution for every business.

Flexible Landing Page Designs

Create powerful and flexible landing pages with’s Webinars extension. Our customizable designs include countdown timers to instill a sense of urgency, driving higher registration rates. Tailor each landing page to reflect your brand and capture the attention of your target audience, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion.

Live Social Proof for Validation

Showcase real-time engagement and build trust with live social proof during your webinars. Display live participant counts, attendee comments, and reactions to validate the popularity and relevance of your content. This feature encourages new attendees to join in, knowing they are part of an active and engaged community.

Live Attendees for Engagement

Boost your webinar engagement with simulated attendees, creating a lively and interactive experience. Set up biases toward certain countries, emphasizing the markets you want to target. This feature not only enhances the perceived popularity of your webinars but also helps you focus on key demographics.

B.Y.O Live Chat Solution

Enhance your webinars with real-time interaction by integrating any live chat software through simple JS code injections.’s Webinars extension allows you to choose your preferred chat tool, fostering direct communication and engagement with your audience during the webinar.

Analytics and Tracking Pixels

Optimize your webinars with integrated analytics and tracking pixels.’s Webinars extension seamlessly incorporates these tools to provide valuable insights into audience behavior, helping you refine your strategy and maximize conversions.

Verified Email Collections

Ensure accurate and verified email collections with’s Webinars extension. By offering login options with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at registration, you eliminate the common issue of false email addresses. This feature enhances the quality of your contact list, ensuring effective follow-up and engagement.

Intelligent Email Sequencing

Optimize your pre- and post-webinar communication with intelligent email sequencing.’s Webinars extension automates reminder emails before the event and follow-up sequences after, ensuring your audience stays engaged and informed, boosting overall attendance and participation.

Intelligent Time Slotting

Ensure your webinars are always available at convenient times with intelligent time slotting.’s Webinars extension offers just-in-time webinar scheduling, providing flexible future registration options to maximize audience coverage and engagement.

Webhooks and APIs

Enhance your webinar functionality with real-time webhooks and API integrations.’s Webinars extension allows for advanced server-side actions and notifications, providing seamless integration with your existing systems for real-time updates and actions.

Timed Offers

Boost conversions with precision-timed offers.’s Webinars extension allows you to create offers that activate down to the second, with options for evergreen offers or time-limited promotions, driving urgency and increasing sales.

Telegram Notifications

Stay informed with instant Telegram notifications.’s Webinars extension alerts you as soon as a sale is in progress, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers and close deals quickly.

Insightful Analytics

Gain valuable insights with’s Webinars extension, providing actionable analytics on registrations, attendance, offers seen, clicks, and sales. Understand key metrics such as revenue per registration and optimize your webinars for better performance and higher ROI.

Conversion Tracking

Track your webinar conversions precisely with API or JavaScript code snippet integrations.’s Webinars extension ensures you have accurate data on conversions, helping you refine your strategies and improve overall effectiveness.

Free Global CDN Streaming

Deliver your webinars in high-definition quality worldwide with’s Webinars extension, powered by Cloudflare Stream. This partnership ensures seamless, reliable streaming, providing your audience with an exceptional viewing experience no matter where they are.

Free Webinar Hosting

Host your webinars effortlessly with’s Webinars extension. Easily bring your webinar files from Google Drive with just one click, offering a cost-effective and convenient solution for all your webinar hosting needs.

Automatic Webinar Replays

Enhance engagement by offering automatic webinar replays.’s Webinars extension ensures that your content remains accessible, allowing attendees to watch on demand and increasing the reach and impact of your webinars.

In-Webinar Polls

Boost engagement and gather valuable insights with interactive in-webinar polls.’s Webinars extension allows you to create and manage polls effortlessly, encouraging participant interaction and providing real-time feedback.

The Power of Deep Integration

Unlock the true potential of your sales funnels with’s Webinars extension, seamlessly integrated with our AI Marketing Assistant. This powerful combination ensures your evergreen webinars are not only engaging and interactive but also deeply personalized and targeted.

By leveraging the AI Marketing Assistant’s content capabilities, you can create webinars that resonate with your audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

For small businesses, this integration offers an unparalleled opportunity to build robust sales funnels that operate around the clock.

From crafting compelling content to automating follow-up sequences, provides a comprehensive solution that enhances every aspect of your webinar strategy, ensuring you maximize your reach and impact.

AI-Powered Landing Pages

Harness the power of’s AI Marketing Assistant to create landing pages that are not only visually appealing but also conversion-focused.

Our AI understands your brand’s tone of voice, personality, and the personas your webinar targets, ensuring each landing page is tailored to resonate with your audience. 

The AI-powered landing pages are designed to maximize conversions, using persuasive copy and strategically placed call-to-actions.

This deep integration with the AI Marketing Assistant ensures that every element of your landing page is optimized for performance, helping you achieve your marketing goals effortlessly.

What's It Worth?

The ability to sell 24/7 without ever being present through a powerful webinar automation solution is truly liberating for any business. After all, a real business is one that generates revenue without your presence, across timezones and locales. With our AI Marketing Assistant, coupled with the Webinar Automation extension every business has the opportunity to break out of the bottleneck.

Save Time. Save Money. Boost ROI

According to PayScale, the average salary for a Marketing Manager, which could encompass managing webinar sales and content creation, is around $72,715 per year, with a range typically between $49,000 and $108,000 annually​ (PayScale)​. Additionally, the Content Marketing Institute reports that content marketers, who might also engage in creating content for webinars, earn an average salary of about $79,282, with additional compensation bringing the total to around $90,141​(Content Marketing Institute)

*Based on’s Boost Monthly Plan plus Webinars extension (Pro version) compared with an average of $80,000 annual salary for a human


Save 88% Per Year*

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The current online landscape in the age of AI offers significant opportunities for growth using AI agents to automate everyday marketing tasks with precision and consistency. 

Media Monk offers a powerful, AI Marketing Assistant that can perform every task a full-time human would for less than 5% of the cost and with 100% efficiency. It's a No-Brainer! You just have to see it to believe it. 

Book your personalised demo today and let us show you everything that’s possible to achieve with our AI Marketing Assistant. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to see things in action with quantifiable results.

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