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AI-Powered Marketing Assistant

Media Monk offers the same capabilities as a human marketing assistant but at a fraction of the cost, encompassing everything from content planning and creation to social media posting. All these tasks are managed seamlessly from a single, comprehensive platform, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses.

Welcome to The Age of AI

What It Does

The Content Creator

Media Monk learns about your brand from a few short inputs from you. It then builds a brand voice, adopting the tone in which you prefer to communicate. After that, it identifies your ideal target market and begins work, using your brand’s unique voice and tone as the foundational communication style.
  • It comes Up With Content Ideas
  • It Analyzes Your Competitors' Content Strategy
  • It Creates SEO-Rich Content Plans
  • Produces High-Quality Articles & Listicles
  • It Creates Video Ads For your Brand
  • It Produces Engaging Social Media content
  • It Writes Content for your Blog & Website
  • It Enhances E-Commerce Product Descriptions
  • It Enhances Real Estate Listings
  • It Creates Promotional Postcards
  • It Creates Versatile Showcase Videos
  • And More

The Content Promoter

In today’s AI-influenced digital landscape, producing content is only one part of the entire workload of a marketing assistant. Once content is produced, it also needs to be distributed across multiple platforms. By connecting with your website and social media channels, Media Monk posts high-quality content on autopilot or on-demand.

  • Connect your WordPress or Medium Website
  • Define an automation schedule
  • Define Frequency of Posting Content
  • Post Articles, Images, Videos
  • You can also post content on-demand
  • Bring Your Existing Content For Auto-posting
  • Auto-intercept & Share Newsworthy Posts
  • Boost Interactions with Engagement Posts

The Content Analyst

Media Monk tracks every click, every post and adapts to your content’s reach and engagement by auto-injecting keywords, links and hashtags across different post types and formats. It even connects with your Google Search Console data to identify the performance of content assets and provides further options to amplify it further.
  • Content Click & Engagement Tracking
  • Identify new Keyword Opportunities
  • Amplify High-Performing Content Assets
  • Boost E-Commerce Sales Conversions
  • Increase Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Increase B2B Market Reach & Conversations
  • Track Performance with Google Search Console
Multiple AI Models In One Platform

Everything a Modern Marketing Team Needs in the Age of AI

Escape the overwhelm of constantly-evolving AI tools and embrace a toolkit purpose-built for marketing. We’ve integrated our platform with the best AI models that are great at what they do, be it content creation, image generation or video scripting. In addition to that, there are additional, everyday tools for boosting marketing efficiency even further.

  • PIntegrated Stock Images & Videos Library
  • PMore than 10,000 Background Tracks for Videos
  • PUltra-Realistic AI Voiceovers
  • PAI Image Generations
  • PE-Commerce Product Scene Generation
  • PAuto-sizing Images for Various Social Media Sites
  • PReal Estate Listing Videos
  • And a Whole Lot More

Content Planning

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, we offer an unparalleled platform that transforms a single seed keyword or a competitor’s URL into a treasure trove of SEO-rich content. Say goodbye to writer’s block and the endless search for inspiration and hello to AI-powered content creation.

Content Automation

Media Monk’s Content Automation Tools are fine-tuned to ensure the content you publish is not only relevant to your niche but also maintains a high standard of quality. Dedicate a few minutes a day to approve content generated by our platform and watch your online presence soar.

Content Distribution

With Media Monk, not only do we solve the challenge of producing high-quality content regularly and consistently, with our built-in content distribution technology small businesses can also publish content across multiple social media channels and other platforms on auto-pilot or on-demand.

Agentic Approach to Content Marketing with High-Fidelity AI Tools That Are Fit For Purpose

  • RBrand Specific Textual content
  • RContextual AI-Generated Images
  • RSEO-Centric Content Creation
  • RAI-Powered Video Scripting
  • RMulti-Modal Enhancements for E-Commerce & Real Estate
  • RBrand-Centric Content Planning

Meet The Product Scene Generator

Designed for everyday business owners, our Product Scene Generator does not require you to have professional photos to produce stunning product scenes that sell. Simply take an mage from your cellphone, upload it and let us enhance it using computer vision and a combination of 8 different AI models. 

Notice the detail in the ‘After’ image – it’s remarkable and not currently possible to achieve with any out-of-the-box AI tool in the market in just one click. In addition to producing the scenes, the Product Scene Generator also enhances the product’s headline, SEO description and the full text – even if you told us nothing about the image. 

Automotive Scene Generation

Designed To Make You Wanna Hop-in & Drive
Automotive Scene Generator - Before

Footwear Scene Generation

So you can feel the adventure
Footwear Scene Generation - BeforeFootwear Scene Generation - After

Accessories Scene Generation

See the Utility in Action
Yoga Bag - BeforeYoga Bag - After

Fashion Scene Generation

Transcending Fashion Experiences
Fashion Scene Generator - BeforeFashion Scene Generator - After

Food Scene Generation

It'll Make You Wanna Take a Bite!
Food Scene Generator - BeforeFood Scene Generator - After

The Product Scene Generator tool is available as part of our E-Commerce Content Marketing Toolset which comes standard across all our subscription plans. With this technology available to your marketing team, you no longer need to spend money on exhorbitant studio shoots to make your products more appealing.

Current Limitations: AI has not reached a level where every scene generation is perfect. We have identified models (e.g. Stable Diffusion, Dall-E) have significant biases built into them. Nearly every model we have tested struggles with fingers and toes on human subjects in certain settings. However, we have added additional training and mdoel fine-tuning to overcome as many of those challenges as we could, given the current state of AI. The examples shown above were the result of our fine-tuning and were produced in a single pass with no additional modifications or manipulations. It works!

Turning Images Into Words

While computer vision has been around for years, its appplications in marketing remain relatively untapped. With Media Monk, we’re bringing the power of our integrated AI Tools and turning images into captivating content masterpieces.

Computer vision in Marketing

Introducing the Content Planner

A head-start for those without a starting point.
An unprecedented advantage for seasoned content marketers.

Content Planning for SEO content marketing automation
Plan Your Content

Choose a seed keyword or a competitor's website as the starting point.

SEO-Enriched Content Suggestions

Media Monk produces relevant keyword suggestions based on Long-tail, Search0ds-intent, currently trending and LSI Keywords.

Shortlist Keywords to Produce Content Ideas

Once you have identified relevant keywords you wish to compete on, shortlist them to start generating content ideas.

Content Automation: Plan Days Ahead

Once you’ve setup the schedule, content is produced and you’re alerted by email to review and finalise content. With each blog post usually taking 4 hours to write, Medi Monk’s content automation saves you tremendous amount of time, making your content marketing effortlessly consistent, regular and easy!
Content Schedule

Engagement Boosters. Content Transformers

Content marketing that’s not just about self-promotion but also about building an audience that remains engaged with your brand.

News Tracking

Click to enlarge

No, no! It's Not 'News Sharing' on Social Media. That's Boring!

Specify your industry and ‘breaking news’ preferences. We track news stories across hundreds of news sources and our AI engine transforms them into satirical, funny, entertaining social media posts designed to incite conversation. 

Media Monk Does That:

Our comprehensive content marketing platform offers tremendous range and depth of features to boost your marketing efforts.

AI Audience Targeting

Unlock the power of precise engagement with Media Monk's AI Audience Targeting - where content meets your audience's exact needs.

See How

AI Articles & Blog Posts

Elevate your content marketing game with Media Monk's AI Article Writer - where AI-driven creativity crafts your marketing success.

See How

Engaging Listicles

Boost your content marketing impact with Media Monk's Listicles - engaging, concise, and tailored for your audience's interests.

See How

Enchanting Video Ads

Amplify your brand's reach with Media Monk's Video Ads - dynamic, engaging, and crafted for maximum content marketing impact.

See How

Social Media Postcards

Enhance your social media strategy with Media Monk's Postcards - visually striking, highly shareable, and perfect for content marketing.

See How

Real Estate Listing Videos

Revolutionize your property showcases with Media Monk's Real Estate Listing Videos - visually captivating and strategically crafted for marketing impact.

See How

Social Media Automation

Streamline your online presence with Media Monk's Social Media Automation - efficient, consistent, and effective for content marketing.

See How

E-Commerce Automation

Revolutionize your e-commerce strategy with Media Monk's Automation - effortless social media integration for skyrocketing sales and exposure.

See How

Schedule a Demo

The current online landscape in the age of AI offers significant opportunities for growth using video marketing and content marketing strategies that remain untapped by the majority of businesses around the world. 

Media Monk offers a powerful, AI-driven content marketing platform with features designed specifically for small businesses to succeed online.

Book your personalised demo today and let us show you everything that’s possible to achieve with our content marketing platform. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to see things in action with quantifiable results. 

Content Marketing For Solopreneurs

Being a Solopreneur is exceptionally tough. You're juggling multiple tasks at once and while subconsciously you're aware of the benefits of content marketing, sometimes the day gets the better of you. Let Media Monk empower your solopreneur journey by making it easy to dominate your online presence with strategic content marketing, powered by Media Monk.

Content Marketing For Small Business

Small businesses often overlook the importance of content marketing in today's digital landscape. In fact, according to the Content Markting Institute, 78% of SMEs (1-99 employees) have one person managing the marketing activities for the entire organisation. With larger businesses using content marketing highly effectively, if SMEs don't adapt, they'll get left behind.

Content Marketing For Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtors, agents using video content in their marketing see a 403% increase in inquiries compared to those that don't use video content marketing. The Real Estate industry is known for its lack of innovation and vanilla approach to marketing properties. Explore Media Monk's Real Estate specific features to get ahead.

Media Monk For Marketing Consultants & Agencies

If marketing solutions are at the heart of your business offerings, partnering with Media Monk is an indispensable choice.

Empower your clients with AI-powered content creation, marketing automation, and social media management tools, tailored to their specific needs and goals. Become the catalyst for your clients' success by offering them the innovative capabilities of Media Monk and revolutionize their marketing strategies.

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